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  Observation changes behavior. -Hawthorne Effect

Drive measurable improvement with AI powered nudges



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Behavioral change technique

Our behavioral analysis is used to define interventions to implement target behavior

  • Behavioral Insights

    Strategically implement our unique 5-steps methodology

  • Professional Services

    Each step will be documented and approved

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The Benefits of Business Intelligence

ML model to fine-tune personalized and timely nudges

  • Personalization

    Cutting-edge AI models to cluster hundreds data points

  • GDPR compliant services

    Secure operation to comply security and privacy regulations

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Work Process

How We Work


Frame the Problem

Business needs and capabilities are identified that match targeted strategic goals


Collect Data

Feature engineering guides the data preparation and modeling phases


Process Data

Finalized data sets and ML models are used to match user profiles and nudges efficiently


Meet our experts

Ömer Kılıç

Data Engineer

Rukiye Kılıç

People Scientist

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